Nature's Perfect Nutritional Delivery System

Available only from Re-Vita

LiquaHealth is a delicious, nutritional liquid concentrate that contains more than 50 important nutrients, MINUS the petroleum distillates like you are likely to get from the big pharmaceutical companies.

Re-Vita grows minerals into Spirulina and bonds every mineral amino acid (the process of chelation) that occurs in the Spirulina growth. Our special bonding process makes it easier to digest and absorb every mineral for proper utilization. Once the mineral is digested from the amino acid complex, the amino acid then builds protein.

Complete metabolic function requires a combination of vitamins, enzymes, and active organic complexes. Re-Vita's mineral chelates are specially designed to:

Our body recognizes LiquaHealth as a food, not merely a vitamin and mineral supplement. In fact, The Kenya Medical Research Institute tested LiquaHealth and regards it to be more powerful as a food than many drugs!

The LiquaHealth Proprietary Formula has been closely guarded for more than 20 years.

Spirulina: One of the richest sources of plant protein... on Earth.

*Re-Vita products are not intended to treat, prevent, cure, or mitigate sickness or disease. You should always consult a licensed health care practitioner with any health care questions and needs.