Nutrition Supplements

It's All About the Quality of Ingredients and Absorption by Your Body

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Dietary supplements are products that add nutrients and other compounds to our bodies. This can be an individual nutrient or a blend of compounds and herbs packed with minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and amino acids. Nutritional supplements can boost your health regimen, but limited regulations make it harder to determine which are superior quality or waste time, energy, and are potentially dangerous.

Why do we turn to supplements?

Proper nutrition is the cornerstone of healthy living. Today, maintaining such nutrition levels isn't that easy due to concerns like:

  • Poor soil quality, which impacts plant's nutrients
  • Nutrients decline as a result of processing, storage, and transportation
  • Environmental toxins leading to oxidative stress

Additionally, your health may not be at its best. For example, your metabolism could be suboptimal, or you are taking medication that can lead to a nutrient decline in the body.

Nutritional supplements like high-quality blue algae spirulina in liquid form from Re-Vita can offer your body the dietary balance you need. This helps prevent deficiencies, keep the immune system at its best, and lower non-communicable disease risks. Nonetheless, not all supplements are equal. Having a few tricks up your sleeves can make a difference.

The ingredients hack

Many consumers make the mistake of falling for the irresistible promises on a product label. They invest in certain supplements, only to realize little or no success. As you shop around, the key to unlocking supplements and their potential is focusing more on the ingredients, not the promises. But what should you pay more attention to as you look at the ingredients? Here is a glance at the top considerations:

The source

Where are the ingredients sourced? Many nutritional supplements are made from synthetic ingredients. This means they do not follow the natural order, and while they offer some benefits, they are not the most viable. Supplements like Spirulina-based products offer more nutritional value. This is more so when grown in a controlled environment, free from harmful substances like mercury. The organically produced nutrients from such supplements offer more value worth every penny spent.

The processing

Nutritional supplements are manufactured in a controlled environment, but the brands follow different standards. Some process, pack, and ship the supplements hurriedly. This means the nutritional value may be impacted by exposure to heat. Look at the ingredients, and do your homework on how the manufacturer processes them.


How fast can your body process and absorb nutrients from a supplement? This depends on the supplement form. Blue algae spirulina in liquid form has a higher bioavailability than pills. This is because capsules take longer to break down.

Our body is mainly composed of fluids. The body already knows how to manage fluids; liquid supplements are more beneficial than other options.  Consider that your body doesn’t need extra work to fully absorb, as with other forms or synthetic supplements. Understanding such bioavailability and how it impacts the supplement's effectiveness is critical, making it easier to invest in an option that'll deliver to your expectations, if not better.


One reason you should only try a supplement at a time is to consider the additives and their impact on your overall health. This is to help you observe how the supplements impact your body and steer clear of those that cause allergic reactions and other unpleasant experiences. Some brands use additives, including wheat and soy, which can affect you if, for example, you are gluten intolerant. As you read the ingredients, pay close attention to the additives and preservatives used to ensure you pick an option best suited for your situation.

Nutritional supplements derived from plants offer the best value compared to synthetic ingredients. The spirulina used in Re-Vita is specially grown in a controlled environment keeping contaminants at bay and providing you with the energy and health boost you need.

As you dive into the world of supplements, consulting an expert is advised. This is more so if you have allergies, are managing chronic conditions, or are on active prescription, to name a few considerations.

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