Lemon-Lime LiquaSpirulina Essential Pac

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Re-Vita LiquaSpirulina is a great energy booster. Spirulina Platen­sis, a blue-green aquatic algae, may be the single most nutritious plant since the beginning of time. It has been a mainstay in the diets of people around the world for more than 2,000 years and is one of the world’s original life forms. It’s also the world’s richest natural source of Vitamin B-12 and beta-carotene.

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Spirulina is the world's richest natural source of Vitamin B-12 and contains the entire B-complex group of vitamins. The primary pigment in LiquaSpirulina is beta-carotene, which your body converts to Vitamin A. LiquaSpirulina also packs 18 amino acids, protein, chlorophyll and many natural phytonutrients. Additionally, it's rich in the minerals, calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, zinc and many other trace element.

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Directions: Mix 1 packet with 8 fl. oz. (240mL) water or beverage of choice.


Spirulina, Fructose, Deionized Water, Natural Flavors and Colors, Xanthan, Guar and Arabic Gums. Contains less than 1/10 of 1% Potassium Sorbate and Sodium Benzoate as preservatives, and FD & C Yellow 5 & Blue 1.


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Meet One of Nature’s Best Natural Food Sources

At Re-Vita we present the best dietary supplements money can buy. For example, Spirulina Platen­sis is a super-food that has been used for centuries. Yet few in the west know about its benefits. Re-Vita sources this super-food and puts it into a product you can mix with any beverage you choose. When you use Lemon-lime LiquaSpirulina dietary you’ll take comfort knowing you are contributing to making better food choices. It’s like drinking a favorite beverage as a lemon-flavored multivitamin.

Anytime Instant Nutrition

Re-Vita’s Lemon-lime LiquaSpirulina is essentially a liquid multivitamin. This makes it a convenient super-food. Each packet contains all the goodness a body needs to stay strong and healthy. We’ve taken the processing of the food substance down to a science and pass that knowledge onto you. As someone who is conscious of the world around them, you’ll find Lemon-lime LiquaSpirulina is essential to an active lifestyle.

Where Does Spirulina Platen­sis Come From?

As an energy booster, you might wonder where this super-food comes from. In nature, it is a blue-green aquatic alga. Research shows it to be one of the best food sources in nature. As aquatic algae, Spirulina Platen­sis grows in abundance on the surface of the oceans where conditions are favorable. For example, these little creatures love high concentrations of salt.

The Entire B-Complex Group of Vitamins

Re-Vita LiquaSpirulina comes to us courtesy of the world’s best source of naturally occurring B-12. There is simply no substitute in nature for the amount of nutrition in our lemon-flavored multivitamin.

Become a Healthier You

Re-Vita’s Lemon-lime LiquaSpirulina is convenient. The pouches go anywhere! Just throw some in your workout bag for an extra boost before that workout.

Feel the Goodness

As a lemon-flavored multivitamin, you’ll feel better knowing you’re helping the planet heal by utilizing alternative food sources. Re-Vita is the answer!