Very Berry LiquaHealth Essential Pac

60 Servings


Re-Vita LiquaHealth is a delicious, nutritional liquid concentrate that supplies your body with over 50 important nutrients and is fortified with the most superior spirulina available. Two servings a day will provide you with 100% of the Recommended Daily Value of the vitamins and minerals needed to maintain ideal health, especially when mixed with milk.

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Spirulina is the world’s richest natural source of Vitamin B-12 and contains the entire B-complex group of vitamins. The primary pigment in LiquaSpirulina is beta-carotene, which your body converts to Vitamin A. LiquaSpirulina also packs 18 amino acids, protein, chlorophyll and many natural phytonutrients. Additionally, it’s rich in the minerals, calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, zinc and many other trace element.

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Directions: Mix 1 packet with 8 fl. oz. (240mL) water or beverage of choice.


Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, Vitamin D-3, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Thiamine (B-1), Riboflavin (B-2), Niacin (B-3), Vitamin B-6, Folate, Vitamin B-12, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid, Iodine, Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium, Copper, Manganese, GFT Chromium, Molybdenum, Boron, Vanadium, Choline, Inositol. Other ingredients: Fructose, Deionized Water, Natural Flavors and Colors, Spiruline, Xanthan, Guar and Arabic Gums. Contains less than 1/10 of 1% Potassium Sorbate and Sodium Benzoate as preservatives, and FD & C Red 40.


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Re-vita LiquaHealth Berry

Very Berry LiquaHealth Benefits

When you’re looking for a tasty and fulfilling nutritional supplement that’s affordable at the same time, there’s no better option than the Very Berry LiquaHealth.

Delivering a perfect balance of vital nutrients essential for your body, these nutritionally-dense liquid supplements are all you need to start your day on the right note.

Completes Your Daily Intake

This nutrition supplement contains 50 important nutrients, including 18 amino acids, active enzymes, minerals, vitamins, trace elements, essential fatty acids, and more.

Whether you’re looking for a solution that can effectively reduce your risk of:

  • Iron-deficiency Anemia
  • Vitamin A deficiency
  • Compromised Immune system

The Very Berry LiquaHealth is the ideal solution for your various needs. It can also help boost your immune system functions, so your body can effectively fight infections and diseases. Two servings are all you need to fulfill your vitamin and mineral intake for a day (while one serving is equivalent to 50% USRDI requirements).

Faster Absorption

When you’re looking for a nutritional supplement that doesn’t make you feel sick or have other side effects, you need a supplement that’s light on your body but gets the job done.

The LiquaHealth contains a liquid formulation of Spirulina, which has up to 97% absorption rate and longer retention. Spirulina is alkaline, which maintains the body pH of 7.35-7.45. It can also be used to balance out your high acid diet (which can include dairy products, red meat, soft drinks)

Natural Sources Used

Many nutritional supplements are manufactured in a lab with synthetic vitamins and minerals. However, the Very Berry LiquaHealth has at least 60% vegetable protein and is derived from natural sources.

The Spirulina that is used in the supplement comes straight from freshwater ponds. The high-quality Spirulina is also free of lead, mercury, and other contaminants.

Boost Your Day with This Nutrition Supplement

When you’re looking for alternative sources for Vitamin B12 and iron to keep your lifestyle as healthy as possible, start using Very Berry LiquaHealth regularly. Not only does it boost your energy with chlorophyll, but it enhances your brain function as well.

Whether you’re looking for good detoxification or weight management supplements, this is the ideal solution for all requirements. Stabilize your body chemistry with this natural goodness.

Very Berry LiquaHealth

Finding the right nutritional supplement can be tricky, especially when you consider taste. The Liqua Health Berry is perfect for those looking to start their day with a delicious jammy multivitamin.

One serving of this wholesome supplement is all you need to complete 50% of United States Reference Daily Intake requirements. It is also absorbed faster in the body due to the natural ingredients used.

Holistic Benefits For Your Body

With 50 crucial nutrients required for your body’s regular functions, the Very Berry LiquaHealth contains 18 amino acids, vitamins, active enzymes, minerals, essential fatty acids, and much more to make your bodily functions better and more efficient.

When you’re looking to give a targeted solution for your body’s health and reduce your risk from iron deficiency, Anemia, Vitamin A deficiency, Vitamin B12 deficiency, etc., this supplement is the perfect addition to your life.

For Detoxification and Energy

Your liver is the main organ in your body that keeps it detoxified. With Vitamin B12, Chlorophyll, and Cartenoids, your liver’s detoxification enzymes stay protected from free radicals.

While wheatgrass has been known to boost your energy levels, this whole food supplement contains 20X more chlorophyll than wheatgrass and makes your energy levels skyrocket.

Strengthen Your Body

Your body needs to feel strong both inside and out, and choosing the right nutritional supplement can greatly aid that. The Liqua Health Berry is perfect for enhancing your brain functions, with Serine, Vitamin B6, Zinc, Leucine, and much more.

Phytonutrients in the supplement also help your immune system fight free radicals and keep it protected from diseases and infections. The proteins, chlorophyll, and vitamins also actively fight against hair loss and promote radiant skin.

The Nutritional Supplement For A Healthier Lifestyle

When you’re ready to make the switch without compromising your sense of taste, this natural supplement is all you’ll ever need. With 60% vegetable protein, you’ll feel stronger and more energetic throughout your day.

Keep your body pH stable as well with this alkaline multivitamin that is the ideal balancer to a high-acid diet, which can contain many types of red meat, dairy products, and even soft drinks

Manage your weight and lifestyle with this all-around natural supplement that can work wonders with only two servings a day.